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Who and what is “imdialog! e.V.” ?

[e.V. “eingetragener Verein” stands for “registered charitable association”]

In 2002 Werner Bab, a Holocaust survivor, and Christian Ender met in the Jewish Museum in Berlin. This spontaneous meeting soon led to the general question what a citizen could do against right-wing radicalism, against the oblivion concerning the Holocaust, for the promotion of human rights and the international understanding on a social level. Furthermore Werner Bab wanted to come in contact with school classes to give them a firsthand warning as a witness of the Holocaust against the consequences of totalitarian regimes. The idea to make a documentary as an introduction to the discussions with a contemporary witness of the Holocaust resulted in the DVD Production ”Time Intervals” (Zeitabschnitte), which by now is available with subtitles in 19 languages (Arabic, Chinese, Englisch, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italien, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Persian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish und German).

So now there is the opportunity to reach a lot of interested people, including on the international level. In 2005, the first talks combined with the presentation of the documentary ”Time intervals” (”Zeitabschnitte”) started. The concept is to make available a free copy of the DVD to each interested participant. We hope that by spreading the DVD we can encourage a continuing discussion of its content, with the result that even after the talks themselves, the issues will be remembered on a long-term basis. Especially after those talks with school classes, we hope that with our concept we can reach out to people and generations which normally are shut off from any contact with this sort of memories. Additionally, the guest book on our homepage offers a forum for thoughts and questions as well as other personal remarks including comments concerning the entries of other visitors. We are looking forward to your feedback!

What we reached so far

In addition to the above mentioned discussions, which took place in different locations such as the Jewish Museum Berlin, the Humboldt University in Berlin, the St. Michaels Church in Göttingen, Yale University, the Goethe Institute in Santiago, Chile, the Museum of Tolerance, New York, USA as well as schools in Göttingen and Berlin, the documentary was aired on different German TV-Channels such as XXP, FAB, ZDF-Dokukanal as well as PHOENIX. Furthermore, an interview was aired by SPIEGEL TV on May 3, 2005.

Several archives such as the Holocaust Center of Northern California, San Francisco, Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem or the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington have included the DVD ”Time Intervals” (Zeitabschnitte) in their collection.

We are especially proud that the Visual Center in Yad Vashem features the DVD ”Time Intervals” (Zeitabschnitte).

Why registering as an association – “imdialog! e.V.”?

Our work so far has been not-for-profit and financed almost exclusively on a private basis. However, in order to continue to make available information material and DVDs to all participants as well as the talks with contemporary witnesses – independent of the costs incurred by us, we need the support of sponsors. In a lot of instances, it is not possible to apply for funding as a private person, but instead the status of an incorporated association/legal person is required.