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Who are we?

Imdialog! e.V. is a non-profit organization that actively encourages tolerance, democracy and international understanding by taking a critical look at German history during the Nazi period.

Foto von Werner BabWerner Bab was born of Jewish descent in Oberhausen on October 2, 1924. As of 1929 Bab lived in Berlin. Following a failed escape attempt at the Swiss border in 1942, he was arrested by the Gestapo and deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp. With much luck he survived Auschwitz and concentration camps in Mauthausen and Ebensee. In 1958 Werner Bab returned to Germany from the United States and has lived in Berlin ever since. In 2006 he was awarded the German Federal Cross of Merit for his promotion of tolerance, democracy and international understanding.

Christian Ender made the documentary film “Time Intervals of Werner Bab”. Foto von Christian EnderThe film is shown in conjunction with discussions with Werner Bab. These discussions are also organized by Christian Ender. The film was awarded second national prize from the alliance “Active for Democracy and Tolerance” in 2006 and is available for online viewing with subtitles in 19 different languages.

What do we do?

We attempt to bring history closer to a younger generation in particular by showing the film “Time Intervals of Werner Bab” followed by a discussion with Holocaust survivor Werner Bab.

Using the biography of Werner Bab, it is our goal to encourage democracy, tolerance and international understanding and to warn about the dangers of right-wing radicalism.

Our previous events are available here for viewing. We invite your comments in our guest book.

If you would like to plan a discussion, please do not hesitate to contact us. More background information about survivor discussions and the goals of our project are available here.

Under the heading “Media” you will find newspaper articles and television and radio coverage of our project, as well as photographs to download.

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