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Film Excerpts

The entire DVD documentation “Time Intervals of Werner Bab” is available online.To download a film, click on the relevant film title.In the Player menu you can select subtitles in 19 languages for every film!

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DVD: “Time intervals of Werner Bab”

main movie:

“Zeitabschnitte des Werner Bab „Teil 1“ – 14:57 min

“Zeitabschnitte des Werner Bab „Teil 2“ – 14:02 min

“Zeitabschnitte des Werner Bab „Teil 3“ – 11:01 min


“return after 60 years” – 9:30 min

short films: Werner Bab audio commentary

“music in Auschwitz” – 2:31 min

“passivity of the German people” – 2:34 min

“clothing in Auschwitz” – 1:00 min

“Ignorance” – 2:42 min

“Typification” – 2:11 min

“Tatooing in Auschwitz” – 2:01 min

“Destiny of the family”


Musik/Fotos: Christian Ender – Album “Check it out”, C&S Records, Göttingen 1996